About Us

Marton Ipacs, the grandson of Magdolna Seidner, a Holocaust Survivor who survived Auschwitz, is the Founder and Chairman of the Seidner European Jewish Foundation.

At the age of 27, Marton Ipacs has already been involved in the development of several Jewish international initiatives that have reached thousands of young Jews worldwide.

Marton considers himself a Jewish social entrepreneur who has a vision to bring the Global Young Jewish Community closer in order to ensure Jewish continuity.

He founded the Seidner Jewish Foundation to honour his grandmother, Magdolna Seidner, upon the belief that out of the darkness of the Holocaust, a strong Jewish Global Community should prevail.

The Seidner European Jewish Foundation aims to connect young Jews globally as a way to strenghten Jewish continuity and the sense of Jewish peoplehood.

The Foundation recognizes the freedom of every young Jewish adult to choose their way into Judaism and aims to connect Jews regardless of their affiliation to any stream, ideology or denomination.

At the core of its activity, The Seidner European Jewish Foundation is developing its mega project “JGlobal”, a Global Jewish Platform for Young Adults to meet, connect, create and recreate.

JGlobal is the first worldwide framework that will enable any young Jew anywhere in the world to be connected to other young Jews globally. It will bring innovation and creativity into the common goal of ensuring Jewish continuity and strengthening the Jewish people.

The Budapest-based Seidner European Jewish Foundation was set up by Marton Ipacs and his family to honour Mr. Ipacs’s grandmother, Magdolna Seidner, an Auschwitz Holocaust survivor; it is the first Jewish Family Foundation to be set in Hungary.